Mision, vision, values


  • Every day I hope that what I did and what I will say, write, or do, and how I live my life that it helps others (and me):
  • a) to overcome life challenges or at least lessen unnecessary suffering and:
  • b) to feel adequate for our life, in this moment, here and know; even when we don't think that for ourselves.


  • Help everyone who wants (and myself) to understand why and feel love, compassion, for all aspects of life.
Alan King unsplash dog with glasses

Primary Values

  • Wisdom: knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, insight
  • Clear view: equanimity, mindfulness, ego illusion, spirituality
  • Compassion: warm wishes, and care for wellbeing of others and myself
  • Joy: enthusiasm for actions of others, letting go of expectations
  • Examend life: continual ethical investigation, introspection and reflection

More about how I use word values, how it relates to principles, and where in all that comes behavior read here.