Marijan Svalina is not a good writer. Sam Harris wrote five bestsellers. When Harris says: "Okaaaay. A little housekeeping". Marijan gets joyful. Then he thinks what would Jordan B. Peterson say on that. Jordan in his dramatic voice: "Dragons are real, but they are also fun when they are small. If you ignore Dragon long enough, he grows and destroys your house. Roughly speaking... Clean your room! Bucko!"

Marijan is not a great programer, although programing is his vocation. Nor is he a Bitcoin expert, although it's his great passion. Marijan is not funny, although he tries very hard. Marijan is not englightned, although he talks non-stop about meditation.

Operating system in Marijan's mind is upgraded mostly by, you're guessing, Harris and Peterson. More by Harris. For other big upgrades the blame is on Yuval Noah Harrari, BJ Fogg, and Saifedean Ammouse.

Marijan is jack of all trades, and master of none.

Marijan is also not a great runner. But this is cool photo of him.

Marijan running on bridge with flying hands going torward bitcoin man-horse

Marijan is always searching to feel heartfelt wisdom. While standing at the edge of order an chaos.

Marijan is still not a good writer. But you made it down here. Thank you. Have a nice day. 💗

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