Here is a list of my formal experiences and informal learning, education, and projects. It's ordered by what is most valuable to me. Formal stuff is written in more professional tone, while informal in more causal. You will get an idea about my experience, and expertise.


On the individual level from positive psychology perspective these are my Valuse in Action.

From larger society level these are dear to my heart and mind:

  • Freedom of speech
  • Right to privacy
  • Radical Transparency / No lying
  • Civil rights
  • Rule of law
  • Sovereignty of the individual

Informal learning and projects

Signaling, and jargon talk incoming, prepare yourself

It's 2014, and a thought comes. It's time to get serious about money. I will finally give Bitcoin a chance. Ok, I need Bitcoin habits. First habit: Read every day r/bitcoin for 2 minutes. Next, buy Andreas Antonopulos book Mastering Bitcoin. 50 pages later my mind blew away! Since, I'm haunted by Bitcoin obsession in my professional, and personal life.

Crypto side projects

Buying and HODLing Bitcoin since 2015.

Just HODL it nike style sign

Advocating, and educating on every opportunity

Collage image of Marijan lecturing about Bitcoin

Running full nodes

  • Bitcoin full node on rpi (bitcoind)
  • Lightning network node on rpi (lnd)
  • Bitcoin and Lightning testnet nodes.

Nodes are behind NAT. They will be soon public. Always trying to learn more about applied cryptography tools and understanding. On next ATH one more Raspberry PI and Monero full node is online.

Behavior Design with BJ Fogg

I attended virtual Workshop from Stanford University Behavior Design Lab hosted by BJ Fogg.

  • 10 Powerful Ways to Apply Behavior Design at Work with BJ Fogg
BJ Fogg smiling with two stuffed animals

Models and methods about behavior. Models explain how behavior works. Methods how to design behavior for change. The best money -- 899$ -- I've ever spent! Even better then Bitcoin at 100$.

Since I also enrolled in Tiny Habits Academy and I will probably be certified Tiny Habits Coach. Read more about some of my thoughts on behavior design in Role of tools and environment in behavior, and why I switched to Ubuntu/VSCode from Arch/VIM after 8 years.

Formal Experience

Old Long CV PDF of what follows here


Marijan is DevOps Engineer with professional experience in different fields. More then 10 years in Linux and networks, more then 8 years professionally. More then 3 years with Python development. More then 2 years with backend, and frontend web development. He worked in various working environments. From corporate to startup including remote freelancing. He is conscientious and extroverted, and can work both alone and in teams. He is constantly pushing him self in new areas.


  • Graduate Study Program in Computer Engineering, branch: Process Computing, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University Of Osijek, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. mag. ing. comp, 2014
  • Undergraduate Study Program in Computer Engineering, branch: Computing , Sveučilište J.J. Strossmayera, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. univ. bacc. ing. comp, 2010
  • CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Algebra, Osijek, 21.03.2013

Master's Thesis: 3D model reconstruction with 3D camera

3D model reconstruction using 3D camera is a process that relies on a few complementary technologies. This thesis presents a developed application for triangle mesh reconstruction from acquired point cloud. The thesis also examines quality and functionality of the de- veloped method by reconstructing few 3D models of objects and scenes. Scene recording is performed using RGBDSlam application with a Microsoft Kinect camera. RGBDSlam controls acquisition of RGB-D images and assembles point cloud representing the observed 3D scene by fusion of the acquired images using SLAM technique. The Program is based on ROS framework and OpenCV library. The obtained point cloud is used for 3D mesh re- construction using developed program mesh-reconstruction. The program is based on PCL library which contains an implementation of Poisson algorithm for mesh reconstruction. It has a graphical user interface developed in Qt which features functions for downsampling and removing outliers from captured point clouds, it also oers Poisson parameters configuration and has functions for reconstruction and visualization of constructed triangle mesh.


  • C++, Poisson, Qt Kinect, point cloud, 3D modelling, RGBDSlam, ROS, OpenCV, SLAM, PCL

Full thesis in Croatian PDF.

Thesis Github repo.

3D model reconstruction with 3D camera GUI app and diagram of process

Professional Experience

2016–2019 Developer, DevOps, HyHelp AG, Frankfurt,

Smart devices for hospitals - infection prevention. Roles: Keeping system in regular technical state (~25 openwrt clients, ~25 rPi clients, 4 VPS with ~10 crucial services). Developing new features on all fronts. Building, improving, and doing continuous deployment.


  • Data analysis algorithms, reports, checks and calibration procedures (python).
  • Tool for interfacing custom serial over bluetooth device (python). Features like configuration, firmware flashing, and other specific checks and procedures.
  • Daily/monthly backup system with offsite and AWS S3 remotes.
  • VPN with DNS server network design and implementation.
  • Software and hardware recovery procedures on business domain, network and operating system level.


  • OpenWrt: python, dropbear, iptables, rsync, busybox shell, uci
  • Servers (CentOS, Ubuntu): openvpn, dnsmasq, rsyslog, openssh, systemd,
  • iptables, nginx, apache, docker, git, bash, rsync, s3cmd, PHP, Symfony, python, flask, mysql
  • Raspberry Pi: bash, systemd, lxde, chromium, cron watchdogs

2016 Sysadmin, DevOps, Barrage d.o.o, Osijek,

Payment platform devops support, development and administration.


  • Multi network OpenVPN implementation.
  • Persistent SSH Tunnels implementation.
  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins, git and nodejs implementation.
  • Cryptocurrencies daemons configuration and administration.
  • iptables firewall implementation.
  • Elasticsearch setup for log analysis
  • auditd configuration for system auditing


  • Javascript, nodejs, git, SSL, bitcoin, auditd, ethereum, Mongo, redis, SSH, iptables, haproxy

2015 Junior Software Engineer, Inchoo d.o.o, Osijek,

Web shop application development based on Magento platform.


  • Facebook Login functionality implementation.
  • Order tracking information implementation.


  • PHP, Javascript, git, jQuery, Magento

2013–2015 Junior Software Engineer, Siemens Convergence Creators d.o.o., Osijek

Server room, network and servers administration and maintenance. Enterprise AAA - Authentication, Authorization and Accounting software development and testing.


  • Open source virtual machines cloud solution research and implementation.
  • Existing testing client software stack migration from Windows to Linux.
  • Diameter application for proxy and caching development.


  • Solaris, Debian, RHEL, Proxmox VE, oVirt, KVM
  • Network VLAN, ACL, Routing
  • python, bash, Jenkins, git, Robot Framework, diameter

2008–2014 IT Support, Notary office Zdenka Pavelić-Musa, Osijek

PCs, software, network, archives, printers: support, maintenance and administration.


  • Automated backup implementation.

2009–2012 Helpdesk Call center Agent, T-Com, Osijek

DSL, VoIP, IPTV technical customer support for Internet Service Provider.


  • Internal wiki setup based on MediaWiki